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About Us

Our vision is to provide Top Quality Medicines at an affordable price..

What We Do?

  • We provide A2Z Medicals & Surgicals™ billing software with mobile application

  • We assist to buy all the Important Equipment

  • We help to obtain all necessary (GST/DL/FSSAI (trade)/ISO) license numbers.

  • Franchisee Authorization (framed) Certificate

  • Franchisee (performance based) Achievement Award

  • We help in recurring and continuous professional training to the staff.

  • Inventory management through our billing software.

  • We equip you with latest sales promotional tools and marketing strategies.

  • Guide to compile sales tax/income tax/audited balance sheet by a chartered accountant.

  • Value added FMCG products like food supplements, Ayurvedic products will be provided from A2Z Medicals & Surgicals™

  • Soft copies of advertising content to promote the business in local electronic media (Cable TV) and print media/banner/ stands/stickers/(No - Parking) Board.

  • We give advertisements through digital marketing and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.).

  • We provide logo printed t-shirts for the staffs to conduct campaign sales.

  • Soft copies of name board with your local address.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide Top Quality Medicines at an affordable price..

A2Z Medicals & Surgicals™ pharmacy is the perfect destination for over 1000's of customers daily for all their medicine needs, across India. A2Z Medicals & Surgicals™ franchise business model, supports you with monopoly right, equity ownership, autonomy, management of your own business and long lasting relationship with your customers, which forms the base for a profitable service industry in your preferred location.

A2Z Medicals & Surgicals™, is India's most trusted Chain of Pharmacy, an integral part of Adwitha Global Health Care Private Limited a conglomerate company serving the medical fraternity for over 5 years, driven by highly educated and well experienced passionate pharmaceutical professionals.

What We Do?
Mission & Vision
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